Monday, March 10, 2014

A Breakup Letter

Your knowledge of all things pop culture attracted me to you.  You had everything I could ever ask for in a movie streaming service.  I spent hours with you, watching all of the TV shows that I missed from years ago and random movies that I would have never dreamed of watching before I met you.  We had a good run, you and I.

Unfortunately, I think it's time that we break up.  It's not you, it's me.  I want more out of life than sitting in bed for hours on end, trying to finish the last season of Dawson's Creek in a weekend.  I don't care who you are, 32 episodes of Dawson's Creek in three days is not healthy.  Netflix, I want to read, take pictures, and go on adventures. My addiction to you is restricting my dreams and I need to put an end to that.
I'm just so busy these days.  I recently had to examine my life and make changes to those things that I think are "time wasters."  Every night, I would come home and instead of opening a bottle of wine to relax, I would grab my laptop and watch you for hours until I fell asleep.  Think of all that I could have done with that time.  The possibilities are endless.  I think it's for the best that we spend some time apart. 

Besides, you deserve better than me.  With my life the way it is now, we wouldn't be able to have that quality time that we are both used to. Making you think that I'm going to be there everyday by paying your $8 monthly fee doesn't seem fair to either of us.  So, if you think about it, I'm doing you a favor. 

Cheer up, Netflix!  There's plenty of other fish in the sea.  From what I hear, you have over 40 million customers.  I'm sure you are going to make someone else really happy. 

I hope we meet again in the future, when my life isn't so hectic, but until then, best of luck to you!


P.S. Next up, Facebook.

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