Friday, June 15, 2012

Enjoy the Little Things In Life

Do you ever have days that you feel like you wasted doing absolutely nothing? I do. All the time. Sitting on the couch, watching movies all day makes time pass by so quickly.  I would rather spend my days outdoors on wonderful adventures, taking pictures of everything in sight.  But that can't happen everyday.  Housework needs to be done.  Time for relaxation needs to be set aside. 
I wish that everyday could be set aside for "better" days, but that's simply impossible.  You need to get a through a few boring days before you can handle fabulous days. We like to think that there are people who are fulfilling their dreams everyday (or is that just me?), but everyone needs a day off some day.  Right?
Remind yourself that IT'S OKAY to sit around and read a book instead of running around doing silly errands  At least doing that is better than sulking, wishing you were having a better day.  That's going to do nothing for you.  Embrace your boring days and don't take them for granted.  When you do have a wonderful day, treasure the memories you made, but don't forget about the little things in life.
Here's a few little things that I love about my life...
  1. Family.  Even though they tease and pick on me to no end, I wouldn't trade them for the world. They are the best They can be major pains, like when I try to call my mom and she doesn't answer the phone, but I love them. 
  2. Boyfriend.  We are 2,089 miles apart at the moment, and each day I learn to appreciate you more and more. Thank you for the phone calls and the letters. Basically just keeping me sane.   
  3. Food. I know, I say I hate food. But that's because my body just doesn't agree with it.  I'm such a picky eater that it just doesn't seem worth it.  However, I can't not appreciate how it keeps me healthy and I'm stuff like that.
  4. Breathing. Without it, I would be dead. Thank you air for allowing me to breathe.
  5. Nature. Beautiful colors in the plants and animals bring me a peace I can't even begin to explain.  Especially on the beach. I love the beach, but nature can even be found in your own backyard.
What little things in your life do you appreciate?

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