Monday, June 18, 2012

What I've Been Up To - week 25

Monday: My momma woke me up at 5:30am when she left to go to the gym.  I laid in her bed until she got home and then I watched her as she cleaned her room.  My sister made me a bracelet made out of Starburst wrappers.  Then later, we took my sister to play practice and my momma and I went thrifting.  She bought me The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks for 79 cents!
Tuesday: we needed to go grocery shopping so we had to drive 20 minutes away from our house to get to the "nearest" grocery store.  My mom works at one down the street, but she claims it's expensive.  While we were there, we went to the mall and walked around.  Then we went to Chipotle and got burritos.
Wednesday:  I had a great time hiking with my family, which you can read all about here and here.  Then we came home and my mom barbecued some hamburgers for dinner. Then we watched half of The Descendents.
Thursday: I went with my mom to visit one of her friends.  It was nice seeing her again.   Then I WENT TO THE GYM FOR THE FIRST TIME! Okay, that might sound weird, but other than school, I never saw any point in going to the gym.  I really want to get in shape now though so I went with my mom tonight. 
Friday: we had some friends over that I haven't seen in nearly two years!  We had [another] barbecue with yummy food and started a fire in the backyard fire pit for S'mores.  After they left, my sister started playing with the fire and drawing "voodoo pictures" on flat wooden boards. My sister is a weirdo, but I love her <3
Negatively Positive: Friends, Fire, and S'mores - more pictures and stories about the day
Saturday: my dad wanted to go to a car show, but by the time we got there, it was already over.  We walked down the street, where I snapped a picture of a theater and then we went to Wal-Mart. There was an entire Star Wars/Superhero toy aisle so my sister and I took turns trying on the masks and pretending we were more awesome than we are. Only in Wal-Mart <3
Sunday: my entire family traveled to Cleveland to look at some waterfalls and we were going to go drive go karts, but it started DOWNPOURING, so that didn't happen. Instead, we went to the mall, not realizing that it closed at 6, so we were there for..40? minutes. Enough time for my mom to buy new clothes at Forever 21.  It was nice spending time as a WHOLE family again. Lately, it's always been parts of my family.
 Negatively Positive: Check out Father's Day Waterfalls
Next Week's To Do List
  • Go Through Boxes
  • Go Karts
  • Hang Out With My Momma

I have had such a long week filled with wonderful adventures.  Can't wait for next week! How was your week, EA Readers?

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