Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ohio Adventures: Airport Edition

My Ohio Adventures begin with my travels. I had to wake up at 5am so I could be at the airport by 6am.  My plane took departed at 7:30am.  Things went smoothly at the first airport (after security, my least favorite part).  I said goodbye to my family, cried over leaving my boyfriend for a month, promised to text, call, and write.  Then I went through the scanners and was on my way to my gate.  They started boarding the plane mere minutes once I arrived and sat on the floor due to there being no seats available. Then, I sat on a plane for four hours, until I got to Chicago.

During the flight, I listened to music, instead of watching Man On The Ledge, which was the movie they were featuring.  I WOULD have watched the movie if the sound quality was not entirely dreadful! Along with the music, I began reading Chronicles of Narnia: The Horse and His Boy.  I also read magazines that the lady next to me let me borrow, which gave me wonderful ideas for my blog!

Once we were in Chicago, I sat at the gate for three hours, waiting for my next flight and read magazines that were left on the tables.  Sports Illustrated and Fortune.  I'm not into sports really, but the Fortune magazine was kind of interesting.  I learned that Shell is going to be drilling oil in Alaska (did everyone but me already know that?)  Also, when I went to the water fountain to fill my water bottle, I found a cool water bottle dispenser thing!

Finally, it was time to board my flight, which was only an hour this time.  When the plane landed, I raced down the stairs to baggage claim and jumped into my mothers arms! Then for the rest of the night, I bonded with my sister. :]

While on this adventure, I made a few observations:

Saying goodbye is the hardest part.  I was definitely bawling my eyes out when I left my family and boyfriend to go to through security.  I did not want to leave them.
Take out the stuff you might need during the flight BEFORE takeoff. I did not do this on my first flight and it was so awkward trying to get into my bags to pull out a book or something.  I didn't want to bother the people around me, but I was bored!
Why does that lady have a plant? So, while I was waiting in Chicago, there was a lady who was carrying around a plant in her bag.  Why on Earth would someone take a plant onto a plane? I have no idea!
More seating is needed. Seriously, I had to sit on the floor at both places because PEOPLE CAN'T SIT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! (Okay, I prefer not to, but still. What if they are saving that seat or something? Someone else needs to do it for me!)
Why do people think it's necessary to yell into their phones? I can hear you from all the way across the airport, why can't the person on the other line?
Always volunteer to take a later flight. When you volunteer, the give you vouchers and stuff! Some guy got a $500 dollar voucher for volunteering, and he got to take the regular flight. Very cool.
Way too many people eat McDonald's. What do they think this is, America? Oh. Right.  I haven't eaten at McDonald's...since January, but I HAD to then because it was my cousin's birthday. Even then I only got ice cream and fries. McDonald's is just disgusting, but roughly 1/5 of bought it. Eww.
The planes are way too hot!  Aren't planes notorious for being freezing? I had taken two jackets, expecting the cold, but it was hot. Very hot.
 Have you had any unique travel experiences?

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