Monday, June 11, 2012

What I've Been Up To - week 24

Monday: was a wonderful day, but most definitely bittersweet. It was my last day in California. Tomorrow, I will be on a plane, heading to Ohio for a month. which I'm totally excited for, but I don't want to leave my peoples here.  I retook my driving test and PASSED! this time. After the driving test, I came home and read while waiting for my aunt to come home. I'm trying to finish my current book before I leave. When my aunt got home, we went to Sweet Tomatoes and had a Farewell Dinner for me. After dinner, the boyfriend and I played with my cousins until it was time for them to go to bed. Now, to finish packing!
Tuesday: was mostly spent at an airport. You can read ALL about that here.  After the airport, we went to Wendy's for dinner and then I hung out with my sister.  I went through all of her stuff and found out that she and I wear the same size in shoes and she's a packrat. :]
Wednesday: I woke up around 8am so I could call the boyfriend before he went to bed after work.  We fell asleep on the phone and I was later waken up by the dog and cats fighting (continuously), the dog licking my face, and then my mother around 10:30am.  Eventually, we went to hardware store to pick out a paint color and then the grocery store to get ingredients for cookies and a loaf of bread.  When we got home, I cleaned the kitchen and started on the cookies.  Then I made spaghetti for dinner.  After dinner, everyone was gone, and I got really bored (especially since I don't know how to work their TV yet) so I took Cassie (the dog) for a walk and then walked to get my sister from play practice.
Thursday: was a boring day compared to my recent ones.  When I woke up, I finished baking my cookies.  Later, Cassie ate all of them, except one. At least she left me one, I guess.  I wrote a letter to boyfriend and walked to the post office to post office to mail it.  Oh, it was also my brother's birthday, but we didn't do anything. Poor guy.
Friday: I woke up and watched the new Footloose movie. I liked the original better, but it was all right. Later to end up sitting on the couch and watching more TV. Eventually, I went to the hotel across the street and picked up all of the tourist brochures they had so I could plan what I want to do while I'm in Ohio.  Then I spent the night pinning books that I will never get the chance to read, nails that I will never be able to pull off and shoes that I will never be able to afford on Pinterest.
Saturday: started off boring also. After sitting on the couch for a while, I went to the grocery store with my momma because we needed some stuff for tacos, which she made for lunch. My sister and I made smoothies and then I watched X-Men First Class with my cousin.  I got bored after a while though, so I decided to go adventuring around the neighborhood. I found baby raccoons in someone's yard! They were absolutely adorable.  When I got home, I watched The Vow and Chronicle.
Sunday: my mom woke me up at 6:30am to tell me where the truck key was and I couldn't fall back asleep. Ended up writing another letter to the boyfriend, going to church, and then going to the post office to mail said letter, along with two movies and two drawings for my cousins.  Then I came home and sat around, watching movies and looking for yummy recipes.  If you know of any good recipes, please let me know!

Next Week's To Do List
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Adventuring
  • Bonding with family
  • Can you tell that I don't have real plans yet?

My week was all right. Glad I got to spend it with family that I haven't seen in a long time.  It seems like I have been in Ohio for nearly a month already, but it has only been a few days! Also...
DISCLAIMER: I'm going to try to blog regularly while I'm here, but if I don't it's because I'm with family.

So Enigmatic Ambiance readers, how was your week?

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