Monday, July 16, 2012

What I've Been Up To - week 29

Monday: I hung out in a hotel with my aunt, uncle, and cousins in Indiana.  There was a family reunion the day before and my mom and siblings left that morning.  We spent the day swimming in the pool because it was too hot to do much else.  I spent the night at my great aunt's, which was kind of weird, but it was only for one night.
Tuesday:  I flew back to California! Oh how I missed it. We had a layover in Dallas, and after that, a plane ride that seemed to take FOREVER, but that's probably because I was so excited.  Boyfriend was picking us up in San Francisco.  I hadn't seen him in a month and I couldn't wait.  The traffic was dreadful, but that's to be expected in Cali.  Also, he made us lasagna for dinner, which was gone in three days.
Wednesday: I spent the day at the boyfriend's house.  Swimming.  He has a pool in his backyard and I've been dying to get in it for awhile now
Thursday: I went shopping with my aunt.  We needed new swimsuits.  I've had mine for at least five years. Crazy, right? Unfortunately, I didn't find one that I really liked.  I will have to keep looking.  After shopping, the boyfriend and I went to the movie theater to see The Amazing Spider-man.  Can I just say that Andrew Garfield is my new celebrity crush? He is so hot. After the movie, we went back to the boyfriend's house and watched Monsters Inc. until it was time for him to go to work.
Friday: The boy and I went off in search for a gym.  I had used the one my mom goes to in Ohio, and pretty much fell in love.  Then we went to the comic book store because I "just had to go" according to the boyfriend.  It was...all right, I guess.  We went back to his house so I could say hi to his mom and then watch Star Wars Episode Five. 
Saturday: The boyfriend came over to my house and we stayed there pretty much all day.  I showed him a bajillion pictures from my trip to Ohio and he started teaching me to play the guitar.  I have small hands though, so it kind of hurts.  It's awesome being able to play little things though (-cough-basically D chord -cough-) My cousins came over because my aunt and uncle went to a wedding so we played with them a bit.  Then we went to Chipotle for dinner. :]
Sunday: Church day! It was really nice going back to MY church.  I missed all of the people and stuff.  Boyfriend's mom was having a rehearsal at their house later that night, so we went there and had barbecue ribs, and other yummy food.  I'm not much of a rib fan, but my barbecue chicken salad with ranch and asian dressing was so yummy! I make odd food choices..yeah. So anyways, I took pictures for Mama of her rehearsal and I will be doing the same on Monday for the recording.
Next Week's To Do List
  • 24-Hour Fitness: Two Week Trial (we are trying to find a gym that we actually like, preferably in the cheap range)
  • Mama's Demo Recording
  • Practice Guitar

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