Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Little Piece of My Childhood

In honor of it being Teddy Bear Day, I've decided to share a couple pieces of my childhood with you all!

Okay, so I still have a few stuffed animals from when I was really little. Some that were gifts from random people that looked cool, others that truly had sentimental value. The three that you are my all time favorite stuffed animals filled with sentimental value!
 Eden is a tiny teddy bear that I got (from either my dad or my aunt, I can't remember) when I was a baby.  I've heard stories about him getting lost at a flea market and I cried and cried until my parents found him.  Eden and I have been though so much and even though he gets lost in boxes sometimes and I forget I have him, he always brings back happy memories when I find him again.

 Squirtle, named BEFORE the Pokemon craze, quite possibly was the beginning of my love for dinosaurs. My grandmother made me a blanket that has tiny dinosaurs on one side and a bigger one that matches Squirtle on the other. Unfortunately, that blanket now has a hole in it, but I still love them both to bits!
Before I left to live in Ohio, my aunt took us to Build a Bear workshop and let us create our own stuffed animals. My brother made a dalmatian and named it Lucky.  My sister, a monkey of course and named him Happy Monkey. She was like, five. I chose this adorable little pup.  When you squeeze him, he barks.  Originally, she wore a cheerleading uniform, but that was later given to my bear.  Now Sparky wears a sweater that says "Jesus Loves Me" on it.  I think they look better with their clothes switched.

How about you? Do you still have any sentimental toys/objects from your childhood?

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