Monday, September 10, 2012

What I've Been Up Too - week 37


Okay, not really that much of breaking news, but it is important! I just wanted to say "HELLO!" to all of my new followers from The Jersey Flower.


Anyways. I hope that you all comment/email/tweet/whatever that way I can get to know each and every one of you. It is really important for me to have a good relationship with my followers.
Monday: LABOR DAY! No school and the family had a barbecue. I got to play with my little cousins I can't believe Isabella started Kindergarten this week!
Tuesday: 2D Design. Worked on our projects. We had to make a design out of letters or numbers and play with the negative and positive space. Mine looks like a butterfly. Pictures will come later! In descriptive, we started on a bottle/tea kettle/box composition drawing.
Wednesday: Photography, the class brought in photographs that were made without paper, a printer, darkroom, or a camera. The results were pretty interesting.  I went home in between classes and went to the gym. The boyfriend bought me Jamba Juice, then I went back to school for Painting, where we began a project.

Thursday: 2D Design, we critiqued our projects that were due and started a new one.  In Descriptive, we continued working on our drawings.
Friday: The boyfriend and I spent a lazy day on the couch.  We watched Iron Man 2 and other things.  I did a little homework.
Saturday: The boyfriend decided we didn't go on enough dates anymore, so he took me to Sweet Tomatoes (a salad bar) for dinner and then to see The Words, which was an awesome movie! I'll be doing a review later this week. After the movie, we went to his house and watched Chinatown with his parents and sister.
Sunday: Breakfast at iHop. Church. FOOTBALL. Homework.

Next Week's To Do List 
  • School
  • Football

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