Monday, November 5, 2012

What I've Been Up To - week 45

Monday: Printed pictures in Photography class.  Went to the gym and the thrift store in between classes.  In painting, we had our critique of our fruit still lifes.

Tuesday: 2D Design we started painting with acrylic color, making little squares for scales.  Lately, I've been leaving in between my Tuesday/Thursday classes as well, and going to have dinner with the boyfriend before he has to work.  We went to Jamba Juice.  In Descriptive drawing, we worked on our portraits drawing.

Wednesday: Halloween! Printed pictures in Photography.  My teacher HAD cancelled painting class, but he uncancelled it.  In between classes, I went to the mall and got a $2 burrito from Chipotle. YUMMY.  Then in Painting class, we had to watch a three hour demo of how to paint a portrait.  After class, my friend and I wanted to do something, so we got a scary movie from redbox and watched it with her boyfriend.

Thursday: Instead of going to class, we took a "field trip" to Berkeley to visit a museum.  It was kind of boring, but I shot a roll of film while walking around! When we got back, we stopped at the boyfriend's house so he could get food for work and then I went to descriptive Drawing class where I worked on my portrait drawing.

Friday. I spent the afternoon with Daniel, watching Big Bang Theory and laying on his couch with him.  When he had to go to work, my friend Erica and I made plans to watch Magic Mike.  We got pizza, watched the movie, decorated with stickers, painted my nails and laughed our butts off.  I had so much fun.

Saturday: I cleaned my room! so my grandma could vacuum my floor. When I was finally done cleaning, the boyfriend and I went to see Wreck It Ralph (an awesome movie!).  Then we went to Olive Garden for dinner. That Salad, Bread and pasta <3 We were stuffed by the time we left.  Didn't even need to eat that dessert, but it was oh so good!

Sunday: Church and football.  The boyfriend made me update my photography blog, so that's all current now. ANDDD I got to see Baby Heaven :]

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Cait said...

sounds like one busy week girl!