Friday, September 13, 2013

Blogtember: A Self Portrait

While trying to take pictures for today's post, I realized that I hate taking pictures of myself.  Okay, I didn't just realize this, but yeah.  I think it has something to do with the fact that I'm a portrait  photographer.  Having a picture of myself that I actually like is really rare.

The wind was ferocious, whipping my hair in every direction. It kept going up my nose and in my eyes, causing my face to look weird in a majority of the pictures.  Or, I had my hand in my face, trying to bat away the strands of hair.

I really want to go back to the junior high and take pictures there again because I loved the column things I was using as a background.  Such pretty colors.

I really wish I could see a picture of myself and be happy with it. Without the self-criticizing internal comments like "Why does my arm look like that?" "What was I doing with my leg?" "I don't like that face I was making!"

These comments don't do me any good.  I try to be positive and find something that I do like about the picture, but it's harder to do that.

Then, there's the whole photographer critique.  I am my harshest critique.  If the photograph isn't up to my standards of what a good picture should look like, I probably won't like it.  So, to the people who are not photographers who take my picture, I'M SORRY! -coughboyfriendcough-

I took the selfie that I posted above.  At first, I didn't like that my hair had blown in my face as I pressed the shutter button, but while editing the picture, I grew to like it. 

I really like my smile and even though you can't really see my eyes, I still love them. 

I love the way the light is glowing through my hair, which is what I was kind of trying to accomplish while taking the pictures. It didn't turn out quite like I wanted, but it works.

Overall, I really like this picture of myself.  It's not one of my best, but not all of them have to be the best of the best.

How do you feel about selfies?

Do you get self-conscious when you see yourself in pictures?


Gi said...

Love the hair in your face, I think it looks quite "caught in the moment" I am the worst so self criticizing I hate selfies!
Nice photo.

Dana Jo said...

I like your pic!! It´s special, it´s edgy, it´s YOU!
Other people don´t see you in such a negative way like you do! ;)
Your hair looks gorgeous..

have a wonderful week
Dana, Germany