Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween is Best When You Are a Kid

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!  Personally, I was a little over it as soon as it started. Dressing up was the fun part.  I had already decided to use my outfit for my alternate personality, Chloe, and went as a stereotypical French painter.  You can't tell, from the picture, but I smeared oil paint all over my body.  It looked like I got attacked by a paintbrush!

Once we left my house though, I got incredibly annoyed.  Let's just say, for me, Halloween is best when you are a kid or have one of your own.

The boyfriend and I tagged along with my aunt and cousins as they went trick or treating at a few churches.  It felt like we were just standing around while my aunt talked to everyone she knew. Not at all what we were there for.

When we got home, I decided I wanted to take a walk because I hadn't taken any pictures like I wanted to, nor had I seen any decorations around.  There were a FEW decorated houses, but it was better than nothing!

My favorite decoration has to be the skeleton driving the car.  I didn't notice it right away when I walked up to the house because it was so dark.  I'm glad I did see it though!

The boyfriend's favorite was the San Francisco 49er pumpkin.  Naturally.

I love how gritty these pictures are.  They aren't the BEST quality, but they fit with the overall theme.  Plus, those spiderweb pictures are absolutely gorgeous.  I kind of have a thing for spiderwebs.  I hate spiders, but I love their webs! 

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