Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Goals

Hey guys! Remember last month when I posted Eight August Goals? I'm going to do a small recap of those to let you know how I did and share with you my NEW September goals! Again, there are eight. I was going to do nine and stick with the number of the month thing, but then I realized that in December, that would mean TWELVE goals and that seemed a bit...overwhelming. Anyways, lets get started!

August Goals Recap

1. FINISH READING NARNIA. Okay, so I didn't finish all of it, but I only have like 100 pages left! I will finish in no time.
2. GO TO THE GYM AT LEAST 3X A WEEK.  I did for the most part, I skipped like...three days.
3. LOSE AT LEAST THREE POUNDS. I'm not even going to get into this one. I'm pretty sure my scale is broken. It gave me three different weights today. I've sworn off using a scale.
4. GO TO THE BEACH AT LEAST TWICE. I went once...unless you count the marina as a beach. Things kept coming up.
5. APPLY TO FOUR JOBS. Once I realized I needed to make a resume, things went nowhere.
6.SAVE MONEY WHILE SHOPPING. Pretty much all of the clothes I bought were on sale. :]
7. HANG OUT WITH FRIENDS ONCE BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS. Unfortunately, I never got a chance...
8. START A PHOTO SERIES. I didn't even remember this was a goal. Oops.

September Goals

I'm going to keep a list of my goals in my new planner so I don't forget any of them and they are always in sight.
1. ACTUALLY DO READING ASSIGNMENTS. I'm the type of person that buys the books and then never opens them, yet still gets awesome grades. Don't ask me how because I really do not know how I do it. This year however, my books seem a bit interesting because of their subjects: Photography and 2D Design. Even if I just skim, I want to do the assignments.
2. STAY ON TOP OF BLOG POSTS. I noticed last week that I WANTED to blog, but I didn't because I was really stressed out and in need of resting. However, now that my source of stress should be gone, I don't want my blog to suffer anymore!
3. PHOTO A DAY CHALLENGE.  I've been doing @fatmumslim's PhotoADay challenges since March and I've yet to do it completely without skipping a day. Let's have September be that month!
4. READ THE HOBBIT.  With the new movie coming out in December, I will be reading this book as quickly as I can in between school readings and other assignments. The boyfriend wants me to go see it with him, but I will have NO idea what is going on if I don't read the book.
5. WRITE THANK YOU NOTES. I won a few giveaways in August and I plan on writing some thank you notes to everyone who sent me things! Blog posts about what I won will come soon, I promise!
6. START 31 DAYS OF ADVENTURE. I subscribed...who knows how long ago and all of the emails have been sitting in my inbox for ages! Need to start them ASAP.
7. APPLY TO FOUR JOBS. Again. But this time, I will do it. I just need to write a resume first, which does not sound appealing. At all.
8. GO TO THE GYM AT LEAST 3X A WEEK. I pretty much did this last month, except for a few days but I feel it still needs to be on the list.

 Wish me luck! What are you goals for this month?

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Sarah E. said...

Use a measuring tape! Muscle weighs more than fat, so you may be building muscle and gaining weight - and the number can be discouraging, even when it's a good thing!

Good luck on your Sept goals :3