Monday, January 21, 2013

Life Lately: Week 3

If I didn't have a set title for this post already, I would title it, "Things Are More Interesting When Planned."  When I pulled out my planner and turned to the week to aid me with this post, I wasn't very happy with myself. 

The first couple of days had ample notes, but once Thursday hit, nothing.  I honestly don't even remember what I did on Thursday.

So with my great memory and a lack of notes, here's a look at my past week!

For about half the week, my grandma was watching over her mother while her sister went out of town.  That left nobody to watch my grandpa so I had to stick around the house.  I didn't mind, except for the fact that my house is incredibly boring.  Thank you, boyfriend for keeping me company.

On Wednesday, my cousin was sick. I think she had the flu. That meant she couldn't go to her babysitter's house that day and even though my aunt and uncle took the day off, they only did it so my aunt could take him to the doctor for some tests.  LUCKILY, he is perfectly fine and cancer free!

This situation got me roped into babysitting (and boyfriend came too, since he didn't quite understand my text).  Seeing her with no energy and no will to eat anything, was sad, but she perked up by the time I left! We watched a Tinkerbell movie and read books while mommy and daddy were away. 

With many thanks, they repaid us with movie tickets, which we used in the next hour.  We saw Gangster Squad.

My grandmother came back home on Thursday and I pretty much bolted until it was time for the boyfriend to go to work.

At the gym, on Monday and Friday, we worked out HARDCORE! I'm pretty sure some part of my body was sore all week. 

We also barbecued on Saturday.  Ribs with a barbacoa sauce!  They were delicious and apart from him watching the temperature on the barbecue, I did everything myself! I even made the sauce from scratch.  How domestic of me.

We will be making them again on Super Bowl Sunday. Upon popular request.

Then the weekend ended on a happy football note, once again.  SAN FRANCISCO IS IN THE SUPER BOWL!

TV SHOWS: 2 Broke Girls. Pretty Little Liars. Reba. Big Bang Theory.
MOVIES: Gangster Squad. Hitch.

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Janna Renee said...

Good job making the ribs and sauce yourself! That is domesticated ;)