Monday, November 11, 2013

I Wish I Could Go Back In Time

Today, I am linking up with Rachel from Can't Google Everything, for "11:11 Make A Wish!"

I just want to start this post off by saying my weekend was wonderful.

I did homework.
I played Minecraft (for homework).
I slept.
I sat on the couch.
I watched Lost.
A lot of Lost.

But Sunday...Sunday was a little different.

After church, the boyfriend and I were debating on where we wanted to get lunch, but we ultimately decided to go back to his house and have nachos while he did the dishes he was freaking out over. He has been without work for awhile now and has taken up keeping his parents house clean as a hobby.  There was one week where he reorganized his entire kitchen and started on his garage because he was so bored, but that's another story.

This particular Sunday, I was kicked out of their house.  Not because they didn't want me there, but because I wasn't sick!  His sister and her baby wanted to come over and they were really sick.  His mom didn't want me getting sick, so she sent me away.  He came with me and watched football with my Grandma while I did homework.

Later that night, we went out to dinner and saw a movie.  The night started off horribly.  We ordered a strawberry smoothie.  It tasted like water.  A new one was brought to us, but it was still awful.  Then, the hamburger that I ordered was not cooked well, at all.  I refused to eat it and eventually just gave up with the whole place.  I wasn't that hungry anyways.  We had gone there because he wanted to.  I ended up going to Jamba Juice afterwards because he made me want a GOOD smoothie!

I tried my best to not let dinner ruin my night, and went to the theater with a smile on my face.  We saw About Time.  A fabulous movie, by the way!  I definitely recommend you see it.  The boyfriend probably wanted to see Thor, but he enjoys going to see comic book movies with his dad, so About Time it was. He loved it.

The movie is about this guy who can time travel.  All of the men in his family can.  Only back in time though, he can't see the future.  While I was driving him home, the boyfriend and I got to thinking, what would we do if we could go back in time?  Would there be certain days we would revisit?  Would we change anything?

Personally, I wouldn't change a thing about my past.  Sure, there are some parts that I wish had not happened, but without those experiences, I wouldn't have been shaped into the person that I am today and I really like that person. 

However, there are days I wish I could revisit so I could relive some of my favorite memories. 

...I could relive the day I was born and other childhood memories I was too young to remember.  Okay, maybe I don't want to experience the actual part of my mother giving birth to me, that's kind of gross, but I would like to see the reactions that my parents and family, whoever was there had when I was born.

...I could go back to Disneyland. I haven't been since I was really young.  I would love to be able to go back and relive that experience as a little girl. 

...I could experience the day that I first met my boyfriend again.  That was one of the best, most awkward days of my life.

...I could reread Harry Potter for the first time. 

...I could spend the day doing something with my mom, whether it be baking cookies or cuddling on the couch, watching The Price is Right.  She is still alive, but we live so far away from each other.  I miss my maja a lots!  Can hardly wait until I can visit again.

Are there any days that you would want to relive?

Would you change anything about your past if you could?


Noor said...

We could share Harry Potter flashback :) I want to have a re-peak at kid-hood !

Rachel said...

Great list and thanks for linking up! I live the one about reading Harry Potter for the first time! I got so into those books when I first read them I would just sit for hours reading and reading!

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