Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Controversy of Returns

Last Christmas, I statretically bought gifts for everyone, and tried to get them exactly what I thought they wanted or could use.  My cousins were Disney store, all the way.  My uncle, chcolate covered pretzels.  My grandma is pretty girly, so some cute frilly sweaters, the kind I would never pick out for myself, would work nicely.

After all the gifts were opened, one of my cousins started bawling.   She was upset that she didn't get enough things to play with, but got a lot of clothes.  Seriously child?  I understand where you are coming from, but it's Christmas.  Lose the attitude and save that for your birthday, which is two days after Christmas (She had attitude then too, because people weren't paying enough attention to her).

Anyways, my aunt is a firm believer in returning things.  She will buy random things and then return them the next day.  Let's just say a lot of those gifts that I thought were perfect, ended up going back to the store the next day.  Some for valid reasons, others for the sake of returning things.  That adorable sweatshirt I got my cousin didn't need to be returned.  She just needed to stop the drama.

The gifts being returned after I thought about them for so long hurt.  A lot.  The gift returning discouraged me from wanting to buy my family gifts at all this year.  Thinking about gifts became exhausting and didn't seem worth it.  I wanted to at least get my cousins and my boyfriend's nieces something though, so I went Christmas shopping for one day, probably about a week before Christmas.  I didn't get gifts for EVERYBODY, but nobody complained about not getting gifts and that just means less to return, I guess.

I feel conflicted though because this year, I didn't really like any of the gifts anybody gave me.  I got a lot of clothes, and I'm picky about what I wear.  That shirt that makes me look like a pirate is probably going to sit in the back of my closet, taking up space until it's Talk Like A Pirate Day again or I decide to donate it to charity.  Why not return it and get something that I will actually use?

But then, I've been on the other end of the stick and I can't help but wonder if they really meant to include that gift receipt or if they were just trying to be nice.  

How do you feel about returning gifts? 


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