Friday, August 22, 2014


So much has happened since March 24th, my last post on this blog. I worked at a movie theater until about a week and a half ago.  I got a new job at a portrait studio.  I went to Ohio to visit my family.  I went to the beach, but not nearly enough times, if you ask me!

However, the most important thing that has happened to me since March 24th, was June 1st, when...I SAID YES!

It's a really long story, but I'll tell you about it anyways!

Ever since before the boyfriend FIANCÉ and I started dating, we knew we would eventually get married.  He didn't want to start a relationship with someone that he wasn't going to spend the rest of my life with and I had already waited a long time (like four months) for him to even agree to date me.  Yeah.  You heard that right, I made the first move!

So, we always knew we would get married someday, but the timing was never right. I'm still in school.  We never had the money.   Sometimes he would jokingly get down on one knee and ask me, but he never had a ring so I never really took it seriously.

Fast forward to when we went to visit my family in Ohio for my brother and sister's high school graduation. ZOOOOM.
My family was sitting around the backyard after we had gotten back from the racetrack.  I remember it being a really nice night.  I was taking pictures of my sister waving sparklers and we were putting smoke bombs in the fire pit to make the flames change colors.  The stars were shining above us like they do in the Ohio countryside and nothing could have been more perfect.

After a while, Daniel asked me to stand up, so without thinking, I did what he had asked.  He got down on one knee and opened a box.  At least, it sounded like a box.  It was too dark to really know for sure.

The next thing I know, I say "NO." and sit back down.  The box freaked me out.  He had asked me to marry him before, but he had never had a box with him before!   Add that to my tendency to be an introvert and what did you expect? We were inn front of my family!

So, obviously that upset him.  He sulked back into his chair.  My dad kind of chuckled and then he and my sister eventually when off to get Taco Bell.  My mom went inside the house so we could have some privacy.  When I finally got Daniel to talk to me, he was livid.  He couldn't believe that I had said no.  I couldn't blame him because I couldn't believe it myself.

He's the man of my dreams.  The man I can talk to about anything without feeling all awkward and shy and like he's going to judge me for what I think.  The man whose hugs are a little too tight, just the way I like them.  The man whose goodnight kisses linger on my lips the entire way home from his house.  How could I say no to the man who means the world to me?

When my dad came back home, Daniel and I end up inside, talking about why I said no.  I end up saying No two or three more times that night.  Even after putting on the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen.  The one that I picked out.  I wanted it so much and I never dreamed I would get it, but now that I had it, I couldn't accept it.

Keeping the ring made me feel like I would be accepting the proposal out of guilt rather that out of actual want.  I mean, I wanted it more than anything, but in the moment, I was confused and angry at myself.  I felt like I ruined the best night ever.
Eventually, he agrees to ask me again.   Another day.  Another place.  He wasn't happy about it at all though. 

Daniel would talk about it all the time, whenever we went anywhere with my family.  He would hope that we were going to somewhere "beautiful."  Then one day, he decided to take matters into his own hands and asked if we could go to Lake Erie.  We ended up at a lighthouse, which would have been perfect, but there was a portable bathroom right next to it and to make things worse, it was right next to someone's house.  Romantic buzzkill.

After that, we went to a set of waterfalls near Cleveland.  He asked me to take a walk with him, away from my family, which I agreed to.  I was taking pictures of the falls and he got down on one knee behind me, waiting for me to turn around.  That time, I SAID YES!

Our story isn't perfect, but it's perfect for us.  Do I wish I had said yes the first night?  Definitely, but I'm okay with our story not being "the way it should be."  Now, it's wedding planning time!

But first, let us take a selfie!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Shit Customers Say

I've been working in the box office at the movie theater for two weeks and I have had a multitude of customers.  Most seem pretty nice.  They pay for their tickets and carry on with their day.  Others are a little more memorable.  There are people who ask the same things that a hundred other people have asked and then there are people who say things that leave you wondering "What just happened?"

1.  He's a child.

Or any variety of this phrase really.  I'm a child.  She's a child.  I'm actually five.  I get it, you don't think you are mature enough to have to pay $11 for a movie ticket.  Unfortunately, you are like forty.  Get over your age issues and pay up.  Also, people need to stop calling their spouses children or I'm going to flip out.  It's really disrespectful no matter what your relationship is like.

2.  Don't try to sell me anything.  That's not right.

At the box office, we are supposed to ask customers if they would like to donate to the Variety children's charity, which provides wheel chairs and walkers to  underpriveldged children with special needs.  Forgive me for asking if you could donate three dollars to help these poor children.  I didn't know you would be so offended. Which brings me to my next comment.

3.  Next time.

I know for a fact that you are not going to donate next time, so just be honest and say no. 

4.  Why are the ticket prices fifty cents more than at -insert theater here-?

 How am I supposed to know this?  Possibly because our theater is only three years old and we keep it looking amazing?  If it's such a big deal, go to the other theater instead.

5.  Why don't you have -insert movie here-?  The theater in -insert city here- does.

The short answer is, I don't know why we don't have that movie.  I don't make the movie selections.  However, I can tell you that we only have so many theaters and we can't possibly show all of them.

6.  How many seats are left?

Like, all of them?  Frozen has been in our theater for months now.  Nobody wants to see it anymore.  Except  By the way.  You know you can go to Target and get that movie cheaper than you would be paying for it at the theater, right?  Obviously not since you are here.

7.  There weren't any seats.  Can I get a refund? 

I know for a fact that half the theater is empty, but sure, let me call a manager over right away.

8.  Could we please make this a priority?

I know it sucks that your son lost his wallet, but don't expect me to put you above all the other customers that are waiting in line behind you. I will check the lost and found, but if it's not there, I can't really do much except for take your name down.  I'm not going to drop everything that I'm doing to go search for a wallet.

9.  Do they look like adults to you!?

Your kids do not look like adults to me, but in movie ticket lingo, you are considered and adult if you are over 11.  I've never met  your kids before, so I don't know how old they are.  If they look somewhere between 10 and 14, I'm going to ask.  Oh, and I don't have an aggressive personality, that would be you.  Please, just pay for your tickets and go somewhere else.  I have better things to do than to listen to you calling me rachet.  Thanks for being a great role model for your kids, btw!

10.  I'll take two motherfuckin** old people for Divergent at 7:00.  

This one caught me off guard.  This old man, with a can, came up to me and blurted that out.  I kind of stared at him and then he said, "When  you have lived as long as I have, you deserve to have some motherfuckin' fun."  TouchĂ©.

**Note: I chose not to edit out the curse words because it's a direct quote and it would have less impact.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Phone Shattered

About a week and a half ago, I was at the park, photographing my pastor's kids.  They didn't want their picture taken though so they were being really difficult.  Running away.  Hiding their face from the camera.  Making silly faces.  It was definitely a learning experience.

While we were playing my phone fell out of my pocket and it must have hit part of the playground before the ground because when I picked it up, the screen was shattered. It still worked and I considered replacing the screen, but then the next day, it fell in a puddle.  It was suicidal and trying to tell me I needed a new phone, pronto.

I decided to get an iPhone 5s in Space Gray because...

1. It's beautiful.
2.  It replaces both my iPod Touch (which doesn't hold a charge) and my phone.
3.  Instagram and other apps.
4. I've always wanted an iPhone.
5.  Customization.

Speaking of customization, I really love iPhone cases.  I'm intrigued by the variety of cases that are out there.  Some are purely for iPhone safety and those are kind of lame, but then there are pretty cases that I think reflect personality and awesomeness.

I was looking at cases on Etsy after I bought my phone and was bombarded with so much beautifulness that I couldn't decide which one to get. My favorite is the Hakuna Matata one.  While looking at cases, I realized that I'm attracted to chevron/triangle shapes and quotes if they are done nicely. 


Unfortunately, I ended up not getting any etsy cases at all because I was super paranoid about breaking another phone and the Tmobile guy convinced me to get a Tech21 case.  While I really wanted an awesome case, I'm glad I got the one I did because the color is amazing and it feels really nice.

I hope you are all having a great week!

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