Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Babycakes!

Dear Boyfriend,

You are my best friend in the entire world and I can't believe I got to spend the past two years with someone as amazing as you.

Sure we have our occasional arguments, but I would be worried for us if we didn't.  Even the silly things are important to me, like when I ask you to make me some food and then I become all controlling and tell you that you are putting the tacos together wrong.

I love that I can be myself around you.  You don't think it's weird that I stay in pajamas all day long if I have no where to go.  You don't think it's weird that it takes me forever to walk a mile because I'm stopping to take pictures the entire way (speaking of which, we should go adventuring again soon!).  You don't even find it weird that I like blogging.  In fact, you like it because you get to read what I have to say.

I'm glad that I can trust you and know for sure that I can tell you everything.  No matter what we go through, I know you will always be here for me.  This year has had some downsides, like the two months I was stressing out over my mom's health.  BUT it has had some great times as well.  All of the beach trips, the day we finally went to the zoo together and we adopted Cola (the stuffed polar bear he bought me), you went to Ohio with me and met my parents, and even sitting on your couch, watching TV with you all day

Our adventures and memories will only continue to grow after today.  We will learn more and more about each other, even though it seems like we know everything already.  I really hope this next year is as great as the past two have been!

I love you!


P.S.  We really need new pictures of us together.  The newest ones I have on my laptop are from January!  I choose two of my favorites instead of a recent one.


If you haven't noticed by the letter above, today is our second anniversary.  If you want to read my post from the first anniversary, on how we met each other, click here.

I have school all day, from 12pm-8pm so we have plans to go to IHOP in the morning for an anniversary breakfast! Gotta love them pancakes...actually, I usually get french toast.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!


Noor said...

Awww , happy anniversary to you guys :)
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Lauren said...

Aww, happy anniversary!